Edmonton Oilers winger Taylor Hall scoffed at the suggestion Saturday morning that he might be able to play in the world hockey championship in Slovakia, if asked.

Hall, who sat out his 10th straight NHL game with a high-ankle sprain on Saturday night, was told it would take eight weeks for the ankle to heal after he tumbled to the ice with Derek Dorsett in the aftermath of their fight on March 3 in the Oilers' win over the Columbus Blue Jackets.

Eight weeks is 56 days, so theoretically, Hall could be ready in late April. The tournament starts on April 29 with a preliminary round game against Belarus and another one against France on May 1.

But Hall says the idea of him playing is folly, and he's probably right.

The Dave Nonis-run Canadian team will be gathering in Europe on April 22. They have pre-championship exhibition games against France in Paris on April 24 and the Czech Republic in Prague on April 27. Nonis, the Toronto Maple Leafs assistant general manager, might want Hall but he's not picking him.