The prospect of another prolonged stint in the Edmonton Oilers medical room is particularly distasteful for Taylor Hall, but he is not accusing Eric Gryba of any foul play.

Hall was knocked out of the Oilers last Saturday with a sprained left knee ligament, the result of a knee-on-knee collision with the Ottawa Senators defenceman.

“It wasn’t like he stuck his knee out. He was lunging to go at me and unfortunately our knees collided,” Hall said Thursday following a session of rehabilitative exercises. “The injury could have been a lot worse ... but it could have been a lot better.

“It’s just one of those things that I’m forced to deal with a lot in my career right now.

“I play a hard game. I go into the corners and when you do that, you’re going to get hurt whether it’s your fault or a freak accident. Unfortunately, it’s not the first time in my career I’m going to miss games.”

Hall is expected to miss four weeks but has no intention of sticking to that timeline. He figures he’s spent enough time away from the game. Hall was clipped by a skate blade in a warm-up, had his rookie season cut short because of a sprained ankle, and he underwent shoulder surgery before the end of 2011-2012 season.

This time, when Hall was hit, he reacted by swinging his stick, which earned him a slashing penalty. He skated to the box, served his time, went back out for a shift, but knew then that he was done.

“I felt kind of sore in the box and just skating felt a little weird then I took that shot. It didn’t feel right at all ... Now I’m here,” he said.

“Being hurt is probably the worst thing for a professional athlete. Missing games is terrible but just not being around the guys is tough, too. You don’t really feel a part of the team. You really live a boring life. But I’m doing everything I can to make sure I’m back as soon as possible.

“It doesn’t feel too bad right now, but it’s one of those things, if I was to go in a game and get hit, I’d be in trouble.”

Hall was also looking to secure a spot on the Canadian Olympic team roster, so having to step out of the lineup now is certainly an added sore spot. He can’t even skate until he is fitted with a knee brace, so he’ll have some ground to make up when he does return.