He doesn’t fit the profile in terms of being that tall, physical cornerback who can man up and go toe-to-toe in press coverage with the AFC’s elite receivers such as Miami’s Mike Wallace, Baltimore’s Torrey Smith or Denver’s Demaryius Thomas.

But the more you watch Jamar Taylor, the more he grows on you. The more you learn about the Boise State corner, the more you’re likely to want him on your team.

Noted NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock doesn’t have him ranked among his top five cornerbacks, but what he says about Taylor hits the point.

“He’s got quick feet, he’ll tackle and like most Boise players, he’s tough and understands the game of football . . . I think Jamar Taylor is a starting corner in the NFL. I really like him,” Mayock said.

Taylor, at 5-foot-11, 192 pounds, is smart and served as a Broncos captain, qualities which helped him earn an official visit to Foxboro and a side workout.

Asked how he would describe himself as a cornerback, Taylor said he’d sum it up in a just few words.

“Physical, scrappy and smart.”

Those qualities are evident in a player Taylor has watched for years and has tried very hard to emulate: Darrelle Revis.

“Yeah, I’ve tried to mimic my game after him,” Taylor said. “He’s just so patient. He has crazy patience when you watch him. It’s a gift.”

Taylor explained Revis has patience at the line of scrimmage to wait a receiver out, let him dance and do whatever, and not give ground. That’s the hallmark of great corners.