At the end of this season, when it mercifully comes, instead of writing the fans another letter, Edmonton Oilers’ owner Daryl Katz should produce a certificate suitable for framing.

Way back when, legendary local newspaper cartoonist Yardley Jones produced a “I Survived The Winter Of ‘69” certificate to celebrate the survival of the winter when the temperature managed to not once get warmer than minus 20º C for 26 consecutive days.

Edmonton hockey fans deserve an “I Survived The Winter Of 2013-14.”

The day after Katz issued his letter, the Oilers returned home from their 21st road trip of two games or more since the start of last year’s lockout-shortened season, and lost their 19th first game back 2-1 to the Vancouver Canucks.

The loss completed the fourth five-game losing streak of the season.

And it clinched the eighth consecutive season out of the playoffs.

Their magic number for making the playoffs is now, essentially and effectively, zero.

With 30 games remaining to play this season, even if the Oilers won them all (insert your own line here) they would now end up with 96 points.

The timing is perfect for the “I Survived The Winter Of 2013-14” certificate to now be commissioned so 16,839 framed copies could be distributed to the fans on their way out of the final home game of the season against the Vancouver Canucks here April 12.

While the Oilers played well enough last night and almost came back late to win it, a lot of people perhaps expected more of a reaction from the Oilers to Katz’s letter.

There was no reaction at all.

“To be honest with you, there should never have to be external motivation coming into games,” said captain Andrew Ference.