Everything's cool between Ryan Tannehill and his alpha receiver Mike Wallace.

Yes Wallace was upset after Sunday's victory that he caught only one pass was targeted only five times and didn't get so much as a glance from Tannehill in the first half. But that has passed now Tannehill said Wednesday.

“Yes Mike was obviously in a tough spot at the end of that game but everything is 100 percent normal in the locker room" Tannehill said. " He’s great practicing hard every day joking around. He’s his same old self so we are looking forward to getting back on the field this week."

Well if he's his same old self he's going to want the ball on Sunday agaisnt Indianapolis. Coaches know this. Tannehill knows this.

Except that Tannehill feels no need to necessarily feed Wallace going forward.

"I’m going to play the quarterback position the way the coaches install the plays" Tannehill said. "I’m going to go through the reads just like they install it. We’re going to try and get him the ball when he’s in the play but we’re not going to force him the ball."

This is very interesting to me. You see this suggests Wallace simply wasn't in the play so to speak in the first half Sunday. But he suddenly got in the plays in the second half when he was targeted five times including on the first play of the half?

So why not just get the guy in the play earlier?

It'll be interesting to monitor going forward.

It'll also be interesting to see how Tannehill handles a receiver with a petulant side. You'll remember Chad Henne kind of struggled to deal with Brandon Marshall not that I blame him at times. Marshall was at times a handful.

Marino argued and exchanged curses with the Marks Brothers even on the field but the three knew they counted on each other for success and had a great relationship off the field.

So does Tannehill have the make up to handle Wallace when he's demanding more targets more attention?