It was a season-passing-before-their-eyes moment for Rays Land: David Price getting nailed in the left wrist while trying to field a one-hop shot up the middle by the first batter in Price's first spring training outing. Oh, man.

The ball ricocheted off Price to shortstop and Ben Zobrist threw out the Houston Astros hitter - 1-6-3, welcome to the American League. 1 stayed in the game and finished a scoreless inning, then departed. Price said he didn't require any medical attention.

"Just the meat of the wrist," he told media.

You can resume breathing.

Also, don't hold your breath waiting for Tampa Bay to give the AL Cy Young winner a new contract - or for Price to make the first move. Why should he?

This could easily be Price's final season with the Rays - or even last half of a season, if the Rays are out of the race sometime this summer. I'm thinking the whole season.

There is no Carl Crawford, no B.J. Upton, no James Shields. Can Price, who will make roughly $10 million this season, be far behind?

Enjoy him while you can, Rays fans. That's reality. Price knows it and all of us who didn't go to Vanderbilt know it, too.

"It's not up to me," Price said. 'It's not."

He chooses not to dwell on what could happen.

"I play baseball," he said Tuesday. "That's how approach it. It's still 60 feet, 6 inches (to the plate) no matter where I am. None of this is changing how I approach my game, or my team, or this community or these fans. It's no different. I'll go out and play baseball."

Price playing baseball in 2012 was spectacular: 20 wins, a league-leading 2.56 ERA, 211 more innings, 205 more strikeouts. He has lived a blur of awards, banquets, commercials, photo shoots. He adorns the cover of the MLB 2K13 video game.