Jose Molina does not hit for power. He does not carry a high batting average. The Tampa Bay Rays catcher will never be confused with Buster Posey or Molina's younger brother, Yadier, when it comes to votes for an All-Star team.

Yet while ranking the most influential players on the Rays roster, Molina is not far behind Evan Longoria and David Price and Fernando Rodney.

Why? Because according to the Rays, there is not a catcher in baseball better than Molina at making a pitch just a smidge outside the strike zone appear to be a strike. And for a team built around pitching, that is a huge advantage.

Yadier Molina does it well for the St. Louis Cardinals. So does Brian McCann for the Atlanta Braves and Russell Martin, who is now with the Pittsburgh Pirates.

"But J-Mo does it better than anyone else," Rays manager Joe Maddon said.