It's Trout vs. Cabrera.

The Phenom vs. the Best Hitter in Baseball.

The Clean Cut Kid vs. The Big Kid in a Big Man's Body.

Who should win the MVP this year?

Both Mike Trout and Miguel Cabrera were at Comerica Park on Saturday night, making their case.


Cabrera: He is hopping around on one foot right now. Even though he has a sprained ankle, he is playing through the pain as a designated hitter and continues to crush the ball.

Trout: Are you kidding me? He is an unreal talent, who has been able to drink a beer (legally) for just a few weeks. He's built like a linebacker -- 6-foot-1 and 210 pounds -- and he's quick as sin. He's so young, he probably doesn't even get sore out there.

Edge: Cabrera.