There should be a sign at the football stadium

"No Game Today"

Because the Broncos went down not trying.

While the Ravens and the Patriots meet in New England, the Broncos sit, not play, at home Sunday.

Their guitar gently weeps.

Forever linked in infamy in Broncos lore will be the phrases "Half-A-Loaf" and "Take-A-Knee."

On Sept. 19, 1971, in the season opener at Mile High Stadium, the Broncos were tied with the Dolphins 10-10 and got the ball at their 20 with 1:41 remaining in the fourth quarter and three timeouts. Coach Lou Saban chose to run out the clock, claiming afterward that "half a loaf is better than none at all." He coached eight more games, then resigned in disgrace. Two decades later Saban told me, "I still think it was the right decision in that situation."

On Jan. 12, 2013, in their playoff game against the Ravens tied at 35, the Broncos got the ball back at their 20 with 31 seconds remaining and two timeouts. Coach John Fox chose to run out the clock, claiming the next day, after the Broncos lost in the second overtime 38-35, that ordering Peyton Manning to take a knee was the right call (and everybody else at Dove Valley naturally echoes the party line). "I'd do it again 10 times if it presented itself in that situation."