Just when you thought you read everything you could about deer antler velvet spray, there's more. S.W.A.T.S. (Sports with Alternatives to Steroids) owner Mitch Ross apologized to Ray Lewis on Friday and said that he never actually saw the Ravens linebacker ingest deer antler velvet spray, according to the Baltimore Sun.

The spray contains a substance -- IGF-1 -- that is banned under the NFL's performance enhancing drug policy.

"I never saw Ray put it in his mouth," Ross said during a press conference on Friday.

"I want to apologize to any athletes that this story hurt," Ross said, referring to a Sports Illustrated story that ran this week and implied that Ray Lewis was using the illegal deer antler velvet spray, an allegation Lewis denied. "I'm trying to right the wrong with Ray Lewis," Ross said.

Ross said that he met Lewis in 2008 through then-Ravens assistant coach Hue Jackson. Ross also that he never gave the duo deer antler spray. "Hue Jackson is a hero for starting to work with me in 2008. I did not walk in the Ravens' door with deer spray, I walked in with chips," Ross said of his new technology that he claims improves athlete performance.

"I gave Hue Jackson these chips at the Ravens' Owings Mills facility. He gave these to Ray. Ray liked them. That's the truth," Ross said.