“He’s probably the only person on earth I hate’’ said Eriksson.
Now 65 Eriksson is currently coaching Guangzhou R&F who face Marcello Lippi’s Guangzhou Evergrande in the Chinese Super League on Sunday.

After training on Thursday the Swede’s thoughts strayed to his financial concerns and his anger at Khan who denied the claims but was taken to court by Eriksson to compensate him for his losses and who was last month declared bankrupt.

“Yes that’s right £10 million” confirmed Eriksson. “For most people in the world it’s a huge amount of money and it is even for me.

“Even if I was paid well with the jobs I had it’s big big money. I’m not bankrupt. I still have some money. The big problem was the cash when you don’t have a job which I didn’t for a while. Because Samir [got] me a lot of bank mortgages.

"I had to pay them. I needed cash. So I’m starting to sell.
“I have some properties which I am going to sell. One I have already sold. I am selling important parts of my life. I have another property in Sweden I have to sell.

“I bought my dream house near where I was born very close to where I grew up. I would never have [wanted to have] sold that because that’s the house I bought an old farmhouse and I restored it. It’s very very nice but I need to sell it – it’s got mortgages on it.

“To have it as a proper house I need people working there always because it’s too big. I can’t afford that any more. It’s not only me [affected financially]. It’s definitely the family the children.
“You know I never hate anyone in my life. I don’t think I have many enemies but I hate Samir Khan because you can’t treat people like he has done.

"He’s probably the only person on earth I hate. I feel let down angry and disappointed because I trusted this man for many many years. I gave him too much freedom. I gave him all the authorities he needed to take care of my economy.”