In 2017, shortly after the Padres claim the National League West title, Chase Headley will be voted NL MVP to the delight of his Dodger teammates.

This, of course, is not news to any of you. You told me this your very selves on Saturday.

See, I went to PETCO Park during the Padres’ annual FanFest and randomly surveyed 25 of you fans about the team’s future. Your answers, well… your answers should surprise you.

Question No. 1 went as follows: Do you have faith in this new ownership group?

It’s a relevant query considering that the Padres’ previous ownership seemed to care about winning the way John Wayne cared about ballet. When it came to the diamond, John Moores spent cubic-zirconium money, repeatedly failing to lock down stars who could have vaulted the Pads to the postseason.