First, lets look at some of the disappointing surprises. The team, blessed with an uncanny amount of health coming into training camp, has been battered in the first 10 games of the season. Kyrie Irving will perhaps miss a month. Tyler Zeller got his face mashed as soon as he started to show some real promise. Tristan Thompson got his face mashed in and no one knows how or why it happened. Anderson Varejao missed a game with a bruised knee. Kyrie Irving and C.J. Miles were violently ill for about a week. Daniel Gibson has had his usual assortment of maladies.

I would love to tell you the horrendous start and the lackluster play from prized off-season addition Miles surprised me, but I will be a jerk and just tell you that I told you so. I was chastized in the preseason game threads for not being a fan of Miles' shot selection, and, well, it didn't exactly get better once the regular season got off the ground. Here is what i wrote about how I thought the Cavs would start their season in our preview: