There's one reason why Ed Reed wears a cut-off sweatshirt around the Ravens' facility.

It's Bill Belichick.

And there is one head coach outside of the 49ers who has drawn an immense amount of respect from Dashon Goldson.

It's Bill Belichick.

The Patriots' answer at safety could very well be playing Sunday night in Super Bowl XLVII, as Reed and Goldson will be unrestricted free agents this offseason. Surely, it won't be easy for anyone to pry Reed or Goldson from the only teams they've ever known, particularly when each organization is performing at such a high level.

But the Patriots have a heck of a recruiting tool. The mutual respect between Belichick and Reed has been well-known since the Pro Bowl at the conclusion of the 2006 season. They can't help but glow over one another, and Reed was asked yesterday if he could see himself playing for Belichick.

"Yeah, oh yeah, man, I could definitely play for coach Belichick," Reed told the Herald. "He is a great coach. I'm sure he can help me to expand my football knowledge even more as a player and as a coach, so if I'm ever able to be around him, just like I was at the Pro Bowl, it's huge.

"It's the reason why I wear my sweater cut off a little bit. He's the first guy I saw like, 'That's cool.' You know, that's cool. He cuts those sweater sleeves, and he'll be comfortable. So there's a reason why. Most people will tell you around the facility that's how I look. It's just a blessing to even have met, to know coach Belichick."

The biggest hindrance would be Reed's willingness, or lack thereof, to leave the Ravens after 11 seasons. He'll be the unquestioned face of the defense after linebacker Ray Lewis retires, and his legacy will be on the line, regardless of Sunday's outcome. The Ravens could also place the franchise tag on Reed, but with quarterback Joe Flacco and several other key starters hitting free agency, it's no certainty they would tag Reed.