Now that Darrelle Revis has put his legal issues in the rearview, the veteran defensive back says he is focused on finding a place to play in 2017. While he appeared genuinely washed up last season, his financial situation could make him quite employable.

The New York Jets released Revis with $6 million guaranteed left on his contract. With a guaranteed salary of at least $6 million for 2017, Revis could conceivably decide he has no problem signing with a team for the veteran minimum.

For a player like Revis with 10-plus years of NFL experience, the veteran minimum will be around $1 million for next season. The language in his contract with New York states that the Jets receive a credit for any money Revis makes from another team in 2017, meaning they would have to pay him $5 million if he plays under a $1 million salary elsewhere. If Revis finds a team to sign him for $6 million or more, the Jets are off the hook.