When it comes to the luckiest basketball shots of all-time, the default winner is always JR Rider’s no-look saving the ball from going out of bounds toss.

A high school basketball player from William Byrd High School in Virginia has tossed his name into the mix when he  made one of the best and luckiest shots you will ever see in your life. Marvey’o Otey chased down an errant full court inbounds pass from a teammate and somehow saved it from going out of bounds.

Otey caught up to the ball and flung it behind his back before his momentum took him literally through the open gymnasium doors and out of the gym. I don’t know if he was intentionally throwing the ball at the hoop or not, but really it doesn’t matter. Intent doesn’t matter, only the result.

No one would suggest that Otey could do this again if he tried for the rest of his life, sometimes its better to be luck than good. The other side of that is when things become unlucky, like that time Kentucky freshman and current Boston Celtics guard James Young, tried to save the ball and scored on his own basket.

And as I noticed way to late in the process, that this video is from 2013.  Which doesn't take away from the shot, but means for some of you its old news.  Damn you Reddit and your trickery.  

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