The NBA draft landscape is shaking, but these are only tremors compared with what may be in store during Thursday's draft.

The Suns figure to be a player in the surprises and maneuvers. While Phoenix is the only team with three first-round picks (Nos. 14, 18 and 27), it is one of eight teams with multiple first-round picks — and five of those teams hold one or two picks ahead of the Suns' first spot.

The Suns will be active in some way to pare down their rookie crop. They could package to move up in the draft order, trade a pick to move into a future draft, use one or more picks to acquire a veteran or draft an international player who would remain overseas.

"We'd rather get fewer good players or a veteran who could help or spread our picks out, where we'd have maybe more firsts in the future," Suns General Manager Ryan McDonough said.