Well, it wasn't a pretty game. But after an awful third quarter from the Lakers that saw them go 3-20 from the field and score just nine points, the Suns had a great chance to win. Especially with pass-obsessed Kobe not taking a single field goal in the first half and only finishing with four points on 1-8 shooting. Painfully and predictably, the Suns' offense completely collapsed in the fourth, tallying just 14 points as the Lakers went on to claim the win.

Nobody really stood out for the Suns. Beasley led the way with 18 off the bench, Scola had 15, Tucker 13, O'Neal 12, Dudley 10. Dragic was disappointing with just 7 points and 6 assists, shooting just 3-12. It was your typical Suns performance of mediocrity and offensive breakdowns, with the team as a whole shooting 41 percent and a paltry 3-13 from downtown.

Dwight Howard led the Lakers with 19 points and 18 rebounds, some of that coming off some nice feeds from Nash. No arguments between them this time. The only entertainment from a Lakers standpoint was Will Ferrell posing as a security guard, but for on court dysfunction, sorry, nothing to report.