What was a whim 81 games ago will remains a viable possibility through the final night of the season.

Collecting on the unprotected stamp on the Lakers' first-round pick still has a chance. The Suns' lingering hope for a second draft lottery pick will be decided on Wednesday, when the NBA regular season ends.

The Suns need the Lakers to lose at home to Houston and for Utah to win at Memphis, sending the Jazz to the playoffs instead of the Lakers on the head-to-head tiebreaker. If those outcomes happen, the Suns would be in the No. 14 slot for the draft lottery. If either the Lakers win or the Jazz loses, the Lakers will convey Miami's No. 30 pick to the Suns to fulfill that portion of the Steve Nash trade.

The Suns created some of the urgency for Houston by beating the Rockets on Monday night in the US Airways Center season finale. The Rockets would wind up as the No. 8 seed facing Oklahoma City if they lose Wednesday at Los Angeles.