With the countdown to camp nearing crescendo levels let’s take some time to recall where the Suns were at this time last year.

Well they were still physically here but some -- let’s call 'em puzzling -- maneuvers didn’t exactly provoke giddy camp anticipation among fans. The team had added two or three veteran uniformed employees who -- in theory -- might have enabled the Suns to fight their way out of the NBA Draft Lottery.

That marginal dread seems pretty amusing now.

Anyway despite more predicted doom from national hoop observers locals who follow the Suns generally seem more eager to embrace this year’s players and the organization’s long-range plan.

“There’s no dissonance about it” Suns president of basketball operations Lon Babby said in regard to the current state of the team’s rebuilding tactics. “I think our fan base and community are embracing it.”

With camp opening next week in Flagstaff the perceptually exciting Suns are equipped to provide more compelling moments than we’ve seen around here recently while not winning enough to sabotage positioning. And we’re all aware the 2014 talent haul could reach "mother lode" status.

After hiring Ryan McDonough away from the Boston Celtics as the Suns’ general manager Babby now is presiding over a basketball enterprise with a transparent plan.