Jared Sullinger continues to turn into a beast before our very eyes. With the Celtics on their deathbeds in the fourth quarter, the second-year forward scored 10 straight Celtics points to give them life — only to see the Grizzlies hold them off at the end.

Sullinger finished with 23 points and 12 rebounds in the odd game where at least three Celtics played very well but the team didn’t come away with the win. Brandon Bass did work defensively on Grizzlies big man Zach Randolph, helping hold Z-Bo to 5-for-16 shooting. Bass managed to set a career high with 13 rebounds in the process.

Jeff Green also played fairly well, scoring 26 points, including a key 3-pointer to support Sullinger’s efforts in the fourth. Ultimately, a 13-point first quarter and 15 turnovers leading to 14 Memphis points prove to be too much for the Celtics to overcome, despite their fight at the end.

Fourth quarter, :02.7, Grizzlies 98-93: That’s not what the Celtics wanted. They fouled Bayless, who hit both freebies, then Crawford went for a layup for some reason — which he missed. Bayless heads to the line to ice this thing. Quite the effort by the Celts, though. Fourth quarter, :14.4, Grizzlies 96-93: What in the name of Tracy McGrady is going on here? Green and Bradley have hit threes to give the Celtics a prayer with just seconds to play. Another foul and a miss by the Grizzlies gives Boston life. Fourth quarter, :27.5, Grizzlies 94-87: Sullinger really wants this game. He just might run out of time. Sullinger has scored 10 straight Celtics points as Boston has a glimmer of hope. He’s done it with two 3-pointers and a few putbacks to keep the Grizzlies worried. Fourth quarter, 1:17, Grizzlies 90-80: It’s a longshot, but the Celtics refuse to go away. Sullinger drains a three from the corner to get the Celtics back within 10 after Randolph extended Memphis’ lead briefly to 13. Fourth quarter, 3:32, Grizzlies 87-77: The Celtics are back in business, even if it’s very, very tenuous business. A reverse dunk by Green and an and-one tip-in by Sullinger now has the Celtics back within 10 — and the next couple possessions will determine whether they actually have a shot or if this is fool’s gold again. Fourth quarter, 4:42, Grizzlies 85-70: Bass deserves kudos for his defense, but it’s taken a lot out of him. He’s missed three jumpers that he usually makes in his sleep, including a key miss that could have narrowed Boston’s deficit to 12 points. The Celtics just keep letting opportunities to close the gap get away, while the Griz are just sharp enough to gradually put some distance between themselves and the Celtics.