Accused of doctoring the baseball by Red Sox announcers, Michael Pineda said the substance on his right hand/wrist area caught on camera was nothing more than dirt.

When asked about the possibility Pineda had applied illegal pine tar to the pitching hand in Thursday’s 4-1 Yankees victory at the Stadium, the Red Sox yawned.

“Everybody uses pine tar, no big deal,’’ Red Sox slugger David Ortiz said.

Not once did the umpires travel to the mound to inspect Pineda’s hand.

“The Red Sox didn’t bring it to our attention so there is nothing we can do about it,’’ crew chief Brian O’Nora said. “If they bring it to our attention then you’ve got to do something but they didn’t bring it to our attention.’’

Pineda said it was nothing more than a mixture of sweat and Yankee Stadium dirt that cameras saw on his hand.

“Between innings I was sweating too much and I put my hand in the dirt,’’ Pineda said. “Nobody asked me and nobody said nothing.’’

Manager Joe Girardi and catcher Brian McCann said they didn’t know anything about the controversy. Instead, they focused on Pineda’s impressive performance which netted him his first Yankees win in his initial Stadium appearance. It was Pineda’s first big league win since 2011 after missing the previous two seasons because of tricky shoulder surgery.