Kyle Lowry has heard and read the complaints.

He’s not being himself. He’s not being true to his game, to his own talents. He has to score more to be truly effective for the Raptors.

And quite frankly, he thinks it’s all a load of crap.

Lowry, despite what you or I or anyone else thinks, knows exactly what he is.

He’s a basketball player capable of giving his team what he believes it most requires to win and when. If it needs a scorer, he can be that. If it needs a facilitator, he can be that, too. If it needs a dogged defender who is going to lock down his man, he can be that, as well. It’s not always possible to be more than one at one time, particularly on the offensive end, so Lowry has to pick and choose his spots.

His detractors might not always like his decision, but again Lowry has become pretty proficient at turning a deaf ear to that talk.

“That’s just the way Kyle is,” teammate for a second time Rudy Gay said recently. “He’s stubborn. I think a lot of point guards should be. A lot of them are. I’ve been around a lot of them and they’re stubborn. I think he should be and if he chooses to play a certain way we just have to follow.”