When the plane she was on landed at Trudeau airport at 6:45 p.m. on June 9, 1993, Josie Gold did something out of character.

She jumped the queue at customs.

With the customs area teeming with people, Gold went to the front of the line, told a woman she had an “emergency” and asked if she minded if she joined her there in the queue.

What Gold didn’t say is that it was a hockey emergency.

She had tickets that evening to see Game 5 between the Canadiens and the Los Angeles Kings — which turned out to be the night the Habs last won the Stanley Cup.

Gold, a mother of four boys, will be glued to the television watching the Canadiens’ first game in round one of the Stanley Cup playoffs next week, tentatively slated for Tuesday at the Bell Centre.

It’s gut check time for Habs fans. The Canadiens have lowered many playoffs expectations by limping through the final stretch of the regular season. But the playoffs are a season unto themselves — where the action, excitement and stress ratchets up. Add a potential Habs-Leafs matchup into the mix next week — the first since 1979 — and the ingredients are there for some nerve-racking viewing.

Gold said she gets “pretty stressed” watching playoff games.

“I like to think that I’m polite in my screaming, but apparently my husband said I’m not so polite,” said Gold, who watches the games with her sons.

“I have one son who prays to the picture of (Jean) Béliveau that we have in the house.”

They also have “little, silly rituals,” she said.

“We sit on the couch when we win, you stay on the couch on that side the next game. If they lose, then it’s our fault we have to switch seats.”

When the Canadiens are behind and need to rally “we all have to stand on the coffee table,” Gold said.

“We are very stressed, but we do take it that it is just hockey. It’s fun and it’s family time.”

During the thrilling game against the Boston Bruins last month that the Canadiens eventually came back and won 6-5 in a shootout, Montreal actor and Habs fan Jay Baruchel tweeted: “Ulcertown, Qc. Population me.”

Asked how stressed he gets watching the playoffs, Baruchel said: “The best answer is fairly or a lot.”