Gregory Polanco took no chances. The 15-inning game, which took 5 hours, 11 minutes, was nearing its conclusion, but only if Francisco Cervelli slid in safely at the plate. So Polanco moved from the on-deck circle to the first-base side of home plate, in Cervelli’s line of sight. To convey the necessity to slide, Polanco threw himself down flat in the dirt, making an upside-down snow angel of sorts.

Cervelli slid in safely – well, slid and rolled, leaping to his feet to hug Polanco. Cervelli found himself there, as the winning run in Tuesday’s 9-8 Pirates victory against the Arizona Diamondbacks, courtesy of Pedro Florimon, whose 15th-inning triple broke the tie.

Florimon had never hit a walk-off hit at any level in his baseball career. The mosh pit near the third-base line, the A.J. Burnett shaving cream pie, were new to him.

“I was so excited,” he said.