As Spurs fans, we know our team can be susceptible to the "trap game" against a weaker opponent, especially when on extended win streaks during which the Spurs have defeated some elite teams. At times tonight, the Spurs looked like they might let a lack of focus get in the way of victory, but composed themselves in the final minutes to avoid an embarrassing loss.

Let's be honest. The Lakers never had a chance to beat San Antonio tonight. Or any night this season for that matter. Don't get me wrong, though, the Spurs' play was anything but flawless in this game. Sure, they scored a ton of points against these rag-tag Lakers but the Spurs' defensive effort was indicative of a team going through the proverbial motions and fully aware that, in the midst of a dominant 10-game winning streak, they need not fear the dwellers of the NBA's cellars.

San Antonio jumped out to an early 11 point lead in the first quarter and it looked like they might put this one away very early. But that early confidence turned into carelessness and the comfortable lead was erased by guys in Laker jerseys whose names most of you may never have heard of.

The Spurs struggled to gain separation until late in the fourth quarter, when they flipped the switch that elite teams have and ran away from the Lakers in the closing minutes on their way to the 125-109 victory.