Four employees of a Mississauga restaurant that opened its doors to the Boston Bruins following their Sunday night playoff loss to the Toronto Maple Leaf received the tip of their lifetime.

After agreeing to stay open late to accommodate the hungry National Hockey League club the Bruins arranged to give four tickets to staff members for Monday night’s Game 7 showdown against the Leafs in Boston at TD Garden.

“Oh my God it’s unreal,” Lauren Grenier, 28, said earlier today during a telephone conversation from the car she and three colleagues were travelling in, heading toward Boston. “I still can’t believe it.

“And the fact that most of us in the restaurant were Leafs fans, and they still gave us the tickets, is even more amazing.”

The story began to unfold late in the Sunday’s game, a 2-1 Toronto victory at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto that evened the opening-round playoff series at three games apiece, when the Bruins learned that a “malfunction” with their charter airplane would require that the team remain in Toronto overnight.

Starving and upset after the loss to the Leafs, the Bruins headed out toward the city’s west end following the game seeking a late-night meal. A call was placed to the Mississauga outlet of Canyon Creek Chophouse shortly before 11 p.m.

“I had literally closed the till for my bartender and we were closing in five minutes and I get this phone call,” Grenier, the restaurant’s service manager, said. “And they’re like, hey, there’s about 50 of us coming down to your restaurant, it’s the Boston Bruins. And I’m like, sure it is. I didn’t believe them because we’re always playing pranks on each other here at work late at night.”