The Knicks have decided rest is more important for Amar’e Stoudemire than “The Dream Shake’’ and wisdom of Hakeem Olajuwon.

Stoudemire will not return to the Olajuwon camp in Houston to work on his post moves again this month as had been planned The Post has learned.

Stoudemire had planned to return to Texas to refine the post moves he learned last summer. That Olajuwon is about to be named to the Rockets staff as instructor for Dwight Howard and Omar Asik is not a factor in Stoudemire not attending.

According to a Rockets source Houston is allowing Olajuwon to fulfill any of his prior commitments with opposing players this month before he exclusively works with Rockets big men. Hence Stoudemire might never work with Olajuwon again.

Nevertheless there’s still a chance forward Carmelo Anthony will fulfill his plans and work on his post moves with Olajuwon after being switched to power forward last season. But Amar’e will be a no-show.

Knicks doctors are treating their $100 million investment with heavy caution after two knee debridement surgeries last season marred his 2012-13 campaign reducing him to 29 regular-season games. Stoudemire made his second comeback in the middle of the playoff’s second round and his rustiness hurt team chemistry in the Pacers’ debacle.

The Post reported exclusively Knicks medical director Lisa Callahan has discussed putting Stoudemire on a 20-minute restriction with the possibility of not playing in back-to-back games.