You never know how these things work out, but you might have seen the last of Amar’e Stoudemire.

Maybe he comes back in six weeks for Mike Woodson and overcomes another knee injury — they never seem to stop now. But maybe this is the one that makes him hang it up, even if he’s only 30. It’s not very old by NBA standards, but he has to make it back from another round of surgery and who knows whether he can do it again.

It’s a terrible break for a real professional and the Knicks’ second-best scorer, and it’s just as bad for a team that needs his prowess around the basket to finally give Knick fans a big playoff run.

It’s not a stretch to think that Stoudemire might have played his final game for the Knicks, even with two more years on his contract. The more he plays, the more he keeps breaking down. This time, it’s his right knee that needs a debridement procedure, a thorough cleaning out of the knee. Back in training camp, it was his left knee and that kept him out until Jan. 1.

“It’s a loss, a major loss to what we’re trying to do,” said Mike Woodson, who wore an appropriately long face when the news on Stoudemire was revealed before his Knicks embarrassed Utah Jazz, 113-84, at the Garden on Saturday night. “I feel for him because of what he went through in camp. But we can’t sit and sulk and be upset about it.”