Time is ticking down on the game clock, and Boston still trails. They could've been in a different position if they would've just hit some shots earlier in the game. Instead, they have to resort to Old Faithful. Old because, well, he's old by basketball standards. And faithful because he's been rather faithful over the years.

The Celtics inbound the ball to Paul Pierce, and he isolates above the break. A collective lump begins to form in the throats of Celtics faithful, unsure if the guy who has come to be known as The Truth will be able to rise up to the occasion once again.

He gets a screen and he uses it, and then he goes to work off the switch. He takes a dribble or two towards the three-point line, picks up his dribble, pump fakes and elevates.

Time stands still, or so it seems. Yet again, Pierce attempts a contested jumpshot, one that most coaches would frown upon and one that anyone who understands basketball knows is not a high percentage shot. And as has come to be expected over his years in the league, he drills it. Defying all reasoning, Paul Pierce ties the game. And the Celtics head to overtime.

That's been the routine throughout Pierce's time in the league, and he's already done it on a number of occasions this season. The 35-year-old Pierce, in his 15th season in the league, is still the face of the Boston Celtics.

He plays through pain, adds a number of different elements to his game when needed and is that ever- present lifeline at the end of games for Boston.