Stevie Johnson offered up a Roy Munson handshake today after the Buffalo Bills' final mandatory minicamp session.

Johnson's rigid fingers were taped at the knuckles. He declined to clasp hands.

It has been a delicate offseason for the Bills' top wide receiver. He's recovering from a twisted left ankle and revealed for the first time his previous back injury wasn't merely a strain. He broke it.

Johnson told me this morning he fractured his L-5 vertebra in March while filming a workout session for

"It got to the point where, 'It's got to be something more than a strain or something' because every time I sit down it's hurting," Johnson said. "Every time I stand up it's hurting. I lay down, it's hurting. I went through rehab and it wasn't helping.

"So I got the MRI, and it was a slight fracture."

Johnson said he was given a cortisone shot and an epidural as part of his recovery.

Johnson's offseason workout approach came under fire when he told radio host Jim Rome his training consisted mostly of basketball and road work.

The Bills wanted to show fans that Johnson really does take training seriously by filming a session. Johnson said the back injury occurred while doing a power-rope exercise.

Then on the first day of voluntary workouts, Johnson twisted while making a catch during an individual drill. He spun clockwise, stepped awkwardly on a cone and hurt his left ankle.