Lightning C Steven Stamkos' name has been, and likely always will be, synonymous with scoring.

Last year's co-winner of the Rocket Richard Trophy for being the league goals leader has tallied 45 or more in two of his first three seasons.

Stamkos did pick up three points Wednesday in the 5-4 Game 6 win over the Bruins in the Eastern Conference final, including a power-play goal. That's one fewer point than he had in the first five games combined.

Stamkos is fifth on the team in the playoffs with 13 points. But more than scoring, Stamkos and coach Guy Boucher believe the postseason has accelerated his growth as a complete player.

"I think he's been terrific," Boucher said. "I think he's learned … if he keeps it up, he's going to be a real winner. There's a difference between being a winner and a star, and I think he's figured that out."

Stamkos, 21, said there has been a "learning curve" in his first playoffs, understanding how to handle the mental and physical grind while sacrificing his body. The kind of scoring chances he got in the regular season are not always there, so Stamkos has had to find different ways to contribute.

"It's not about yourself in the playoffs; it's about getting wins," Stamkos said. "If you can find a way to help your team by scoring a goal, that's great, but if you can block a shot, it's just as great.

"I think you just learn that you have to play a solid game in every area. That's something I've always tried to do ever since I was a kid, but I think I've grown a lot more as a complete player in these playoffs."

His teammates have noticed. "From the first series to now, he's really picked up his game every series," Vinny Lecavalier said. "Overall, just doing the little things to make the team better."