Carolina Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith wasn't happy that he dropped a couple of passes including one that would have been a first-quarter touchdown in Sunday's 22-6 loss to the Arizona Cardinals.

But he was even less happy with umpire Dan Ferrell claiming that the official missed at least one pass interference call and refused to give him the proper spot late in the third quarter.

"To be honest I make enough money where if Roger [Goodell] wants to fine me he can" Smith said Monday. "I really think that referee probably was the sorriest referee I have ever met."

Smith confirmed he was referring to Ferrell who wears No. 64.

"No. 64 he was garbage" Smith said. "There is a lot of things I would let him hold but nothing valuable."

The NFL typically fines players and coaches for being critical of officials so Smith understood his comments might come with consequences. His references to Ferrell came up when discussing a play in which he felt the Arizona defender interfered by grabbing his jersey.

"No. 64 told me on my route I felt like I got held where he had the back of my jersey" Smith said. "[The defender] used that to slingshot his way through and bat the ball down.

"[Ferrell] said he grabbed my jersey. He saw it but he didn't think it was enough to change the course of the route. I've only been playing football for a little bit. Just picked it up. I said 'OK.'"

Smith said in years past he would have "went off" in that situation. He said Ferrell continued to explain the play to him repeatedly during the game.

"One time we were on defense and he was standing on the sideline and he decided to continue the conversation I never started" Smith said. "I said 'OK.' It was pretty interesting."