The Lakers games without Steve Nash were like episodes of "Seinfeld," except instead of having Jerry Seinfeld, they had, say, Jonathan Silverman. The show still would have had its moments, but come on, it wouldn't be the same without the glue guy.

Well, the Lakers' big four is now complete with the point guard Nash back from injury. People make a big deal about their inauspicious start and the coaching change and the fact that L.A. entered Wednesday's game at Denver with a .500 record. Really, though, the Lakers' record entering Wednesday was 2-0, two wins with Mike D'Antoni and Nash (and wins against possible playoff teams Golden State and New York).

"He's going to take the talents of that team with D'Antoni and the coaching staff and he's going to make it work," Nuggets coach George Karl said. "Are they good enough? I don't know. We are all searching for who we're going to be and how good we are going to become. I laugh a little bit because there are a lot of doubters right now. My thing is, I would never bet against Steve Nash."

Nash is basketball's ultimate anomaly. He's 38, born in Africa, raised in Canada and played in a smaller conference (at Santa Clara). And he's a Hall of Famer still playing at a high level.

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