Steve Johnson was emotional. It’s obvious now that Johnson won’t begin the season with the Orioles.

Johnson, who held out hope that he was going to be the team’s fifth starter, was supposed to pitch on Wednesday night, but his start was delayed another night with a tight lat muscle. He confirmed that he won’t make that start, either.

“Still sore. Trying to go day by day. I tried throwing yesterday. Tried taking a couple days off and rest and see how it felt and try to get back into things, but whatever's there is still there bothering me. Just taking it day by day and see what happens," Johnson said.

He last pitched on Friday in Port Charlotte against Tampa Bay. He felt it warming up, but went through with the start.

“It's something minor. Just hoping that instead of pitching with it, try to get it out of my system. Who knows how long? Just try to rest it a little bit and get back into things," Johnson said.