Patriots owner Robert Kraft (and his late wife, Myra) has long been an advocate of having players in the organization volunteer their time for worthy causes.

Steve Gregory appreciates the sentiment. Before arriving in Foxboro last year, the Patriots safety and his wife, Roseanne, were known in San Diego for having a positive impact in the community. That hasn’t changed in New England.

The Gregorys are serving as ambassadors for the United Way’s Emerging Leaders program. They’re in the process of mentoring a team of Randolph High students as part of the Youth Venture program, which is geared toward inspiring and investing in teams of young people to “launch projects that create positive, lasting change in their communities.”

For their project, the Randolph kids are putting together an after-school program for middle school kids, with hopes of eventually building a local youth center for their peers. The Gregorys have been keeping close tabs on the project.

“My wife and I have always had a passion for working in the community. It is very important to us,” Gregory said, via email exchange. “When we moved to the Boston area, we were looking for a good fit for us to get involved and have an impact immediately. The United Way has a wonderful reputation, and we thought that the program at Randolph High School was a great opportunity. We hope to get even more involved in the coming months with this program; the students are wonderful, hard working and driven.”

The group of Randolph students are appreciative of having a Patriots player in their corner.

“Steve Gregory and his wife helped us by giving us ideas on what we should do in the beginning,” Randolph student Edwina Edward said. “We decided to create an after-school program for the middle school, and making it grow into a youth center. But we wanted to start small so we could grow from that.”