Stevan Ridley’s offseason experiment needed some summer tweaking.
The running back admitted in June that he bulked up in preparation for the Patriots’ offseason workouts adding a noticeable amount of muscle mass in his upper body to better absorb the flurry of hits each Sunday.
The whole time the strategy was on a trial basis and he made a minor change before training camp.

“I had to cut a few pounds” Ridley said “but nothing major.”
Ridley’s choice to bulk up made sense as his workload increased considerably and he withstood a barrage of punishment with his running style. He also pointed to the final carry of his season when he was concussed by Ravens safety Bernard Pollard.
Yet Ridley had to make sure of a couple of things during spring workouts. He wanted to find out if his conditioning could hold up with the added weight. And running backs coach Ivan Fears hinted that he wasn’t in love with Ridley’s new build saying during minicamp that he’d speak privately with his student another time.
So Ridley still seems a little bigger now than he was last season but it’s not as obvious as it was last month. For what it’s worth Ridley’s listed weight of 220 pounds is the same now as it was last season but that doesn’t mean a whole lot.
Ridley who had a rough practice yesterday with two fumbles is still happy with his decision to add that muscle and he’s looking forward to showcasing it against opposing defenses.

“It worked out well” Ridley said of his offseason weight room program. “I came in (to minicamp) a little bit heavier than I was supposed to and had to get a few pounds off but besides that I trained hard. I think I’m ready to go. We’ve worked hard but we still have a lot of steps for improvement and that’s what I’m going to continue to do. The season is just starting. By the time Week 1 rolls around I’ll be ready.”
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