Stephen Jackson’s previous appearance on ESPN’s Highly Questionable went so well they couldn’t resist bringing him back last week for an encore performance.

This time completely unprompted he got to tell Dan Le Batard and Bomani Jones the tale of how he ended up with his hand around the throat of former NBA All-Star Steve Francis during a recent club run-in.

Jackson explained: “We wasn’t never cool. I don’t hang with him. I don’t call him. We’ve never been in the same circles. It was too packed for me to get to the stage. So I go in the DJ booth…and as soon as I start rapping he jumps on the back of the DJ booth.

“I don’t know why he jumped up there. He bumped me two times with his midsection. I felt his belt on my neck. So the third time he does it…I turn around and I ask him to get down. He said something crazy one thing led to another my hand end up on his throat and next thing he in cuffs.”

It’s a mildly amusing story and as ever it’s difficult to ever get totally down on Jackson. At the same time it’s also more than a little pathetic that two gifted ballers — at least in their prime — who might otherwise be playing out the stretch of their careers are getting into an altercation at a nightclub instead of preparing for training camp.

This much is probably safe to say: If Jackson has any hope of getting another shot to make an NBA roster moments like this probably aren’t going to help.

It’s also a sad reminder of just how far Francis has fallen.