Stephen Curry was starting to feel it. The Warriors point guard made 12 of his final 15 shots, including nine in a row. When he took his seat, he was feeling good about the possibilities for the next round.

Only he didn't make it to the next round, doomed by a slow start and a new format to the All-Star weekend's 3-point contest. After totaling two points through the first two racks, Curry finished with 17 points.

That's usually not a bad first round. But this year featured a new two-round format. Each of the six players, three from the West and three from the East, got one round. The best from the West and the East faced off in the finals. Curry's 17 turned out to be the worst of the West.

San Antonio's Matt Bonner advanced from the West and lost in the final round to Cleveland's Kyrie Irving. Curry never got another shot.

"I would've gotten 27," Curry said with a smile.

Curry is 0 for 2 in 3-point contests. As a rookie, he finished second to Boston's Paul Pierce. But his reputation as a deadly shooter is still intact.

"He's just a natural shooter," said New Orleans Hornets forward Ryan Anderson, a former Cal star, who leads the NBA with 159 made 3-pointers. "There are some guys who make a shot look tough. He makes it look so simple and easy. He's just a smooth, very precise, accurate shooter."