Golden State’s Stephen Curry averaged 46 points in his last two games, including 54 during Wednesday’s loss to the Knicks.
The result when the Warriors visit the Garden tonight will be a brighter spotlight on what Avery Bradley can do to stop a hot scorer.
“Every great team needs a player like that, especially a great defensive team,” Paul Pierce said of Bradley. “A guy who can go out there with so many great scorers in this league and slow these types of guys down. We have that in Avery Bradley. He’s shown the willingness to slow some of these guys down. He can give us more offensively, but he’s so great on the defensive end that he has an impact on his whole team. You don’t have to double as much when you have a guy like that playing at a high level. He’s probably the best on-the-ball defender in the NBA. I’d be surprised if he didn’t make the All-Defensive team.”

Even more than Rajon Rondo and Tony Allen — who didn’t complete his all-league defensive credentials until he moved to Memphis — Bradley has turned his nightly defensive matchup into an event. And he has a big order on hand tonight.
“Make ’em all, because when a guy shoots a 61 in golf, they don’t hopefully follow it up with another one,” Doc Rivers said of Curry’s effort Wednesday. “So I wanted him to make all of them. He can shoot, he has a quick release, and he scores in more than one way. He scores off the bounce, and he doesn’t need the ball to score. He scores off of pin-downs.”
In a way, according to Rivers, Stephen has more to his game than his famous father, Dell Curry.
“The difference between him and Dell is the dribble,” said Rivers. “Dell was bigger, and one of the toughest guys in the league to guard because if the ball got into his hands, it was too late. Stephen is the same way, but he’s also beating you off the dribble and pick-and-rolls, he’s pushing it up the floor.
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