Stephen Curry stopped mid-workout to run and grab his phone. There was something he had to show his trainers at Accelerate Basketball. On the small screen was a video of Curry throwing down a windmill the first time he's completed the dunk.

Being healthy sure has its advantages.

Curry's almost giddy approach in the gym this offseason comes from being freed of past restrictions back when he still was recovering from multiple surgeries to his right ankle.

Over this summer his first at full health since entering the NBA in 2009 Curry has taken advantage of every opportunity to add to his game. Whether he's running sand dunes or resorting to hotel weight rooms Curry hasn't passed up a day of workouts.

"I haven't missed any time" Curry said. "That's a big part of being consistent over the summer so that come August I won't be trying to push too hard to make up for the summer. I feel like I'm in pretty good shape right now and I'll get to training camp stronger and a better player."

Historically Curry has raised his level of play as the season goes on—and his health improves. Such was the case last season when he narrowly missed the 2013 All-Star Game only to become one of the best stories of the second half.