It perhaps took some time but Stephen Curry seems comfortable in his role as the man.

He's long since been anointed by Warriors management. And his playoff performances pushed him up a tier on the star hierarchy. But now his teammates the youngsters and the newcomers are looking to him for guidance. His coaches are expecting him to be a vocal leader. The fan base is banking on him carrying the franchise to heights it hasn't sniffed in decades.

And the fifth-year guard seems to be embracing it all matter-of-factly.

"I'm 25. Still young. But I know the drill. I know the expectations" Curry said in a chat with local media after working out at the team facility Thursday. "For me to have the same coaching staff the same leadership for three straight years is big. ... We have the stability for us to make that move (to another level) and I hope to lead that charge."
Certainly Curry's not alone in leading the locker room. David Lee and center Andrew Bogut share the leadership load and Andre Iguodala figures to eventually emerge as a leader. But not even Curry's reputed humility can help him escape the pedestal on which he is now perched.

He's been a hot commodity since the season ended making numerous appearances and joining James Harden in a Foot Locker commercial. His ability to exist anonymously in public places is rapidly decreasing. And now he's considered by many to be the best player on a team expected to be a factor in the Western Conference.