The Yankees began their offseason by focusing on re-signing manager Joe Girardi as quickly as possible and preventing him from hitting the open market. As Hal Steinbrenner made clear on Tuesday the team will take a very different approach with Robinson Cano.

“It sounds like he wants to go out and test the market and talk to whoever he needs or wants to talk to" the Yankees' principal owner said on WFAN on Tuesday afternoon. "And that's not unusual of course. We want him back. He knows that. Within reason we're going to do everything we can to make sure that happens. But time will tell."

Teams from Washington to Philadelphia to Texas could be interested in Cano who initially asked the Yankees for a 10-year deal in excess of $305 million.

The Yanks might end up signing Cano to a long-term contract — although they are highly unlikely to approach the above request — but the early rhetoric is noticeably different from the talk surrounding Girardi. Last Friday a source told the Daily News that the team made a "very generous" offer to its manager who will be a free agent if unsigned on Nov. 1. "Very generous" and "and "within reason" provide a contrast in tones.

As for Girardi he is believed to be still mulling the team's offer of three years and approximately $4-5 million per season. With interest from the Chicago Cubs and Washington Nationals looming after Nov. 1 Girardi must decide whether to take the money now or wait for other offers following the World Series.

"I talked to Joe on two different occasions" Steinbrenner told WFAN. "I made it clear to him that I do want him back. We think — my family thinks — he did a great job this season given everything that happened. We're going to try to work something out. We're going to try to work on a deal that's fair for both of us and acceptable."

And how important is a fast resolution?

"I don't want to speak for him but I think we both agree this needs to be done quickly because quite frankly we're going to be starting our baseball meetings as we always do soon" Steinbrenner said. "And we want the manager whoever that is — hopefully Joe — to be a big part of that. Sooner rather than later. I think we both agree on that."