An evening on the South Side went from bad to worse after the valet service holding Steelers tackle Mike Adams' car keys shut down for the night.
Mr. Adams was stabbed once in the stomach and once in the left forearm as he tried to stop three men from stealing his truck at East Carson and 17th streets early Saturday morning, Pittsburgh police said.
The second-year tackle, who was the team's rookie of the year in 2012, was recovering Saturday but remained hospitalized, the team said.
"He'll be OK," his agent, Eric Metz of Phoenix, said. "He told me he was lucky. He'll be ready for training camp."
Mr. Adams told police he was outside his truck and didn't have his keys when three men approached. One was armed with a handgun and another with a knife, police said.
The man with the gun pointed it in Mr. Adams' face after Mr. Adams tried to prevent them from stealing his truck and as they argued, according to police. Then the man with the knife stabbed him twice and the three would-be carjackers ran off.
Police said a witness flagged down an officer at about 3 a.m. Officers found Mr. Adams at Cambod-Ican Kitchen on the northeast corner of 17th Street not long afterward.
A valet at Nakama Japanese Steakhouse across the street from Cambod-Ican said Saturday that Mr. Adams had left his keys with the restaurant's valet service Friday night and did not return to pick them up before the service shut down at midnight.
At 11:28 a.m. Saturday, Mr. Adams posted on his Twitter account: "I had an angel lookin' out for me! I'll be ok. Just gotta fight to get back harder than ever."
Then in the afternoon he tweeted a photo of himself in a hospital bed, half-smiling and giving a thumbs-up with get-well balloons behind him. He had bandages on his stomach.
Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert released a statement Saturday saying: "We are aware of the situation regarding Mike Adams being stabbed earlier this morning. We are in direct communication with both Mike and his family. Mike is expected to make a full recovery."
Mr. Metz said the 6-foot-7, 323-pound right tackle had surgery at UPMC Mercy. He said he was told that the knife wound involved no vital organs.