The bad news is that the Steelers have another problem. The good news is that it’s not directly related to their crappy performance this season.

Running back Isaac Redman claims he suffered a concussion against the Bengals in Week Two. Redman asserts that he managed to persuade the doctors that he was fine and he thereafter returned to the game played practiced throughout the week and played on Sunday against the Bears.

The Steelers disagree.

“Isaac was taken out of the game and we announced that he was being evaluated for a concussion” the team said in a statement released to PFT. “He was then taken through the proper protocol by our medical staff and it was deemed he was cleared to return to action after multiple examinations. He then re-entered the game and saw action shortly thereafter and throughout the rest of the game.”

In other words the Steelers say Redman is telling something other than the truth.