"A wedged-shaped stone, which is the final placement in a masonic architectural arch. It is the missing link in the engineered design which allows the system to support a substantial load, connecting all intersecting arcs at the apex."

Since being selected 30th overall in the 2005 NFL Draft, Heath Miller has been the keystone of the Pittsburgh Steelers offense.

Miller is like a rock. (Cue Bob Seger.) His durability in his eight year career has been impeccable. Of the 128 regular season games Pittsburgh has played during his tenure, he has missed only five.

He is the best football player in the league, hands down. Others may be faster, bigger or stronger; but none represent the overall model better than Miller. The tight end position requires its player to both block like a lineman, while running routes and catching passes like a receiver. Miller's hands are unquestionable, making him the perennial security blanket for Ben Roethlisberger. Miller is a better technical blocker than over half of the offensive linemen employed in the NFL. His build and strength fit the prototypical parameters of the perfect tight end, and his speed and athleticism make him a mismatch against most linebackers and safeties