Probably, what you need to do as a fan of the Heat is try and beat the traffic to AmericanAirlines Arena and be in your seat about 30 minutes before home games from now on.

It’s worth the price of admission just to see LeBron James put on a show during the Heat’s pregame layup line. Everything after that, well, has been history in the making.

But, really, who needs a dunk contest weighed down and overproduced by corporate sponsors? Not James. For the past week, he has playfully turned warmups into organic dunking exhibition.

Before the Heat’s victories against the Clippers and Lakers on Friday and Sunday, respectively, James awarded the early arrivers with some dunks that would have been awarded 10s in any dunk contest. James’ favorite pregame dunk involves him tossing the ball skyward toward the basket, like a self-assisted alley-oop, before meeting the ball in midair for a two- or one-handed dunk.

Each performance is met with a wave of gasps from fans.

James’ dunking displays are just one indication of how much fun he is having right now playing the game of basketball. Several factors have come together during the past five games to produce the best individual statistical run of James’ career, with James’ state of mind perhaps being one of the most important.

Lately, Heat coach Erik Spoelstra has repeated a variation of the same idea nearly every day he sits or stands in front of a microphone: James simply loves playing the game of basketball and that attitude has fueled everything.

It’s such a simple concept, but one James recognizes as important, considering the dark pall he played under in his first season with the Heat. In 2010, James was not having fun. As a result, his game was stunted and so was the Heat’s potential.

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