The Detroit Tigers punished Oakland pitching over the weekend, scoring 20 runs on 36 hits in three games. I'm no mathematician, but I figure that's a little north of six runs a game.

Meanwhile, Tigers starters allowed four runs in those same three games. Max Scherzer struck out 11 on Friday. Justin Verlander has given up four earned runs in 18 innings, including one run in six innings Saturday. Anibal Sanchez pitched Sunday -- all he did was hold the A's to three hits and a run in seven innings.

Before Saturday, Oakland had won nine straight. Yet the Tigers got on a plane for Seattle on Sunday night having won their third consecutive series.

And this is a team with bullpen issues?

Well, yes.

But before we get to the bullpen, consider a few things:

• Your Tigers might have the best rotation in baseball. As Oakland manager Bob Melvin said after getting run over Saturday and Sunday: "We didn't even see Fister." That would be Doug Fister, who has started twice, pitched 13 innings and allowed four earned runs.