Warriors head coach Mark Jackson knows whom he's going to start Saturday against the Lakers but he wasn't ready to share the information Friday and said the starting unit won't be his focus in the team's first exhibition game of the season.

"I will say this: 'Don't read anything into whatever way I go' " Jackson said before the team boarded a flight to Ontario (San Bernardino County). "I could have gone any way. I probably changed it five different times.

"It had nothing to do with anybody's camp. I just think that with the way that I'm going to play guys (Saturday) this is the best way to go."

One of the most intriguing story lines of the Warriors' training camp is how Jackson will deploy his talented and versatile roster especially picking five among his six proven starters. But it doesn't sound like many answers will come from the preseason lid-lifter.

Jackson said some of his most experienced players - Andrew Bogut Stephen Curry Andre Iguodala David Lee and Jermaine O'Neal - will play 24 minutes at the absolute most in Ontario.

"If you twisted my arm I couldn't tell you our preseason record last year or the year before that" Jackson said. "I think it's important to stay healthy and keep on working. I will tell you that Steph Curry will have the red jersey on."

Jackson was alluding to the red jerseys sometimes used in football to protect quarterbacks from taking hits in practice. Having already changed the Golden State culture the coach believes that he can now change his approach to the preseason.