Ubaldo Jimenez couldn't do it with seven strong innings. Nick Swisher couldn't do it with four straight hits but what about Crash Carson?
Following singles by Yan Gomes and Asdrubal Cabrera and a two-out walk by Mike Aviles to load the bases in the 11th inning Thursday night Carson singled to right field to give the Indians a 2-1 victory over Houston. The victory was the Indians' 10th walk-off win of the season and gave them a 10-2 record in extra innings.

Carson a September call up earned his nickname Crash for running into outfield walls but in the 11th he ran into a Rhiner Cruz fastball and sent it into right field for the game winner in front of 12607 at Progressive Field. Carson came into the game as a defensive replacement in the top of the 10th.

Bryan Shaw (5-3) pitched the 11th for the victory.

"This is the pinnacle of my career" said Carson who has spent just six percent of 12 professional seasons in the big leagues.
Carson is 7-for-9 in 12 games with the Tribe this year. Not only was he mobbed by his teammates after reaching first base -- "It was a clean mob no cheap shots" said Carson -- he was made an member of The Goon Squad.

The Goon Squad named by Aviles represents the Indians' bench players: Aviles Jason Giambi Ryan Raburn and Gomes are the charter members. Carson was appreciative of the gift.

"I don't know if I'm officially in the club because those guys have done so much all year" said Carson "but to be a pseudo member this late in the year is cool."